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myLinkedIn Services is a trusted agency that delivers results through LinkedIn optimization and profile maintenance.

24 Hours Support

We are available 24/7, in order to provide our customers with the best possible service at any given time of the day and the week.

Time Delivery

Depending on the terms of our agreement and your expectations, the results will always be brought to you in a timely manner.


About Us

Founded in January – 2019, myLinkedIn Services is an agency that will meet all of your LinkedIn needs and help you establish a more professional look on this platform. The main idea is to help you grow and reach all of your goals through LinkedIn.

Starting from a complete one-time makeover of your profile and/or company page, to ongoing LinkedIn maintenance, we have everything you are looking for.

Knowing that LinkedIn as a business platform has become one of the most important employment-oriented services online, and will grow even more in the future, we intend to help individuals explore the benefits of having a well-optimized LinkedIn profile.

With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is a possibility waiting to be explored that targets both entrepreneurs and business owners who want to promote their line of work, as well as individuals searching for a better job opportunity,z and trying to promote themselves into the workforce.

However, despite all of the advantages, in reality, to be able to achieve the aforementioned, you need to stand out. In other words, you require a fully optimized LinkedIn profile and consistency.

myLinkedIn Services will help you meet your goals, by delivering individually tailored strategic solutions that fit your line of work. 

As a team of professionals and experts, we are determined to meet every client’s needs, and we pride ourselves in professionalism and effectiveness above all.

myLinkedIn Services puts the customers first. We set our focus on their improvement and care about providing the best service and for them. Therefore delivering good results is what keeps us in track and inspires us to do the job even better.

We are goal-oriented and want to help our clients grow. Every member of our team prioritizes long term growth over temporary results, and we are here to help our clients turn basic to outstanding.

Overall, we are an agency that believes in long term growth and wants to help you utilize LinkedIn to your advantage. That is why myLinkedIn Services will boost your online presence and will optimize your visibility in front of the people you are targeting.

We have two different price plans, which can be modified depending on the customer’s needs, but they are firmly divided into the two current categories – one time services, and ongoing services. 

myLinkedIn Services has a goal of providing services to individuals, start-ups, and businesses of any kind.

Let us help you with your ongoing journey or introduce you to the world of LinkedIn – the world of opportunities.

You can ask US ANYTHING

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions you might have about myLinkedIn Services are answered below. These answers will guide you through the process of ordering our services, among other things, and they will explain what to expect from us.

However, if you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is LinkedIn Important?

Currently, LinkedIn stands as some of the the best social media platforms that are business-oriented, which makes it the perfect choice for both individuals searching for better job opportunities, as well as company owners and entrepreneurs that want to grow their reach and develop their businesses. LinkedIn is the meeting place for ambitious people from all over the world, and it’s developed in a way that can be incredibly helpful to people who want to connect with like minded individuals, get inspired, acquire knowledge and develop their skills among other things.

How to Order?

After deciding which service fits your needs, and you want to collaborate with us, the first thing you need to do is contact us on order@mylinkedin.servicesMake sure that you include all of your requirements and important details in the email. The better the communication and the attention to details, the easier it will be for us to make a strategy for your LinkedIn Profile, and/or Business Page. The communication and all of the necessary components will be running through email. From there, we will establish all the important aspects, including the time of delivery and the price.

Can I Use Both Services?

Yes, you can make a combination of both the full LinkedIn profile makeover, as well as the ongoing maintenance on your profile. It depends on you and your needs. We want to provide long-term growth for our customers, and considering that some individuals or business owners lack the time to take care of these things themselves, that is where our work commences. If you want to use both services, you need to let us know in your email, and we will discuss all of the additional details. Our price plans are flexible, and efficiently arranged to your requirements.

Can You Work With Us?

Yes, you can work with us if you fit the profile of people that we need in the team. We are always in need of good and trustworthy LinkedIn Experts, Virtual Assistants, and Sales Experts. However, we are strick when it comes to choosing potential employees. We hire only goal-oriented, ambitious people with a growth mindset and individuals who are eager to be a part of a team. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to send us your resume and a short cover letter on You can also contact us first, and we will send you our requirements for the job.

How to Get Started?

If you are interested in working with us, make sure you check out the services we offer first. Go through all of the options, and see which one fits your requirements the most. Keep in mind that we make customizes strategies, depending on your needs. In other words, whatever you require, we can do it. However, before we get started, carefully browse through the service features on our website. Decide whether you want onetime profile makeover, ongoing maintenance, or both. Once you have a clear idea, feel free to contact us on

Type of Projects

myLinkedIn Services offers two types of services, which can be modified depending on your individual needs and preferences. The main idea is to be able to offer two distinct types of LinkedIn optimization. The first one is a short term project or one-time makeover of your LinkedIn profile and/or Business Page. The second one is long term and is billed on a monthly level. In other words, we will maintain your profile on LinkedIn, and you will be assigned with a virtual assistant that will lead you through the process. The details will be determined as soon as you contact us.

Is Your Profile Safe With Us?

Given the characteristics of the services and the way they work, it’s a common question that bothers the customers. However, your profile and/or pages on LinkedIn are secure and you should not be worried about any kind of information abuse. We are a trustworthy agency, under the guidance of HE Group as an investment fund that guarantees further safety of your personal information. We are experienced and have been doing this for years, without failing our customers or losing their trust. In other words, we will keep your profile safe and secure.

The Payment Process

Currently, we support payments through Payoneer, and the price will be established prior to completing the tasks for you. The services are billed differently, depending on the scope of work you need us to do for you, the length of the service, and other details that will be discussed through email. The payment is done before delivering the service. With the ongoing maintenance, the payments are done every month. In case you are not satisfied with the results, we also have a money return policy that will be discussed before we start our collaboration.

Still have questions?


For any additional information that you need, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact us at